Detailed Analytics To Evaluate Student’s Performance Accurately

Attendance Management

Teachers can track student’s attendance right from smart phone. You can easily identify students who have not attended or turned late to school. And, you can quickly respond to leave requests sent by parents.

Easy Generation of Report Cards

Report card generation will not be the same as it is now. The easier interface would help you to generate the CCE-based reports cards with a single click. You can also customize the school report cards as per the criteria, so that you can come up with the best in-class report cards.


Simplifying Homework Management

Teachers can keep posting assignments/homeworks to the parents. You can also update or send automated SMS to parents regarding student’s homework performance and identify students who are not performing good in homework.

Effective Exam Management

Conducting and executing an exam has become a tedious task these days. PTM360 would make your job easier through its Exam module. Teachers can conduct the exam as per their respective board pattern and grades are calculated accordingly. All that teachers has to do is to upload the marks. Rest of the activities like generating grades/ranks along with customized report cards will be taken care of PTM360.


Evaluating Student’s Performance

Individual student performance management in schools can be tracked easily. Detailed analytics reports help teachers identify the key strengths and weaknesses of the students. Teachers can track entire classroom performance and plan remedial classes to ensure academic success.

Class wise Progress Tracking

PTM360 generates performance reports based on exam and subject wise. This way, teachers can track the entire performance of the class and data-driven decisions can be made depending on the analytical reports.

Remedial Class Planning

Detailed analytical reports can help teachers plan remedial classes for students who are lagging behind. Subject-wise remedial classes can be conducted for students based on their performance on the individual subject. Also, the respective topics in a subject are also suggested helping teachers plan academics effectively.

360 Degree Communication with Parents

PTM360 enhances the collaboration between parents, teacher and students. There is a separate mailbox for communication, where you can send feedback and stay in touch with the parents.

Mobile Application 

PTM360, a mobile application, was built to help teachers to execute their day-to-day activities with ease. With PTM360, you can manage all school related activities like tracking attendance, assigning homeworks and managing exams. This mobile school management software can be downloaded from Google play and App store.

SMS Alerts & Notifications 

Automated SMS will be sent to the entire classroom or a specific set of students. PTM360 builds an easy interface for teachers to communicate with students. Notifications for birthdays, exams and holidays can be directly sent to the parents.

Effective Feedback Tracking 

PTM360 provide teachers an exclusive 360 degree feedback interface, which helps teachers in knowing parents feedback and updating them with the planned actions, thus ensuring effective communication between teachers and parents. Teachers can update parents about their child’s behavior along with comments on day to day basis.

Discussion Board 

It is a unique feature of PTM360, in which teachers can post queries related to any subject and get answers from top-notch industry experts. You can also share knowledge and exchange ideas in regards to the best teaching practices.



There is a web-portal where parents, teachers and management can log into their respective modules and can access information. You can get detailed information supported with reports with accurate statistics.


Nutrition recommendations

Our in-house Nutritionists provide nutritional information to students. Parents can follow these tips to ensure their children are having nutrition-rich food

Health tips

Doctors will provide health tips to students to make them adopt a healthy lifestyle. This can help students to stay healthy and active.

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