How to track absentees and latecomers?

Teachers are provided with easy interface to track the complete details about absentees and latecomers. Even, if teachers are busy with their day-to-day activities, PTM360 generates a simple data report, which can help teachers provide the details to the admin.

How exactly PTM360 will help us?

The following are the key benefits that PTM360 offers to teachers:

  • Attendance Management
  • Evaluating Student’s Performance
  • Simplifying Homework Management
  • Effective Exam Management
  • Easy Generation of Report Cards

How PTM360 will help in tracking student performance?

PTM360 provides an easy interface to teachers to evaluate individual student performance both subject and exam wise. Customized report cards can help teachers identify the student’s weak areas and push them to focus on their weaknesses. The data-driven analytics helps teachers come up with the best strategies to improve student performance.

How can I manage leave requests?

All the leave requests can be accessed from your smart phone. You can easily respond or approve to the leave requests sent by parents.

What exactly is discussion board?

Discussion board is a unique feature in PTM360, where teachers can post queries, doubts regarding any subjects. They can also participate in discussions and brainstorming sessions.

Does PTM350 generate CCE based reports?

Yes, PTM360 would generate automated reports for IB Schools/CBSE Schools/ICSE Schools/ State Board Schools. All that teachers have to do is that enter the marks and upload it to the system. Report cards will be generated automatically by evaluating grades for the respective students.

Can I access student information offline?

Teachers can import the details of the student and keep them offline for their reference.

How does it help in academic planning?

As the entire data in maintained in the system, the data analytical engine of PTM360 would provide accurate data driven analysis to the teachers considering student’s attendance, homework and exam performance. These reports can help teachers in remedial class planning, which can in turn help students to improve in the respected areas.

Does PTM360 support various report formats?

PTM360 supports multiple report formats like PDF, word, Image etc. It can also be customized to support any other format that is required by the institution.