Main Services

Whether you are a single school that stands alone or you are a larger system, we can help encourage school-home collaboration or assimilate student data, PTM360 is the solution! Besides being convenient and easy to use, it can help you with your job of educating students. This program comes with a host of premium services that were all implemented by a team of talented experts consisting of designers, planners and technicians who all wanted to create something to support your institution.

With years of experience in their domains, our experts can assist you every step of the way, from premium technical services to prompt, efficient support. We are your best bet! If you need something addressed or you feel that we aren’t meeting your needs, let us kow. Our desire is to see you succeed and obtain the level of results that you expect from our products and services.

Website Design Services

We have a skilled team that can design website that will be your institution’s virtual face. Choose from an extensive variety of templates and features and let us get your website up and going in no time.


PTM360, which is school management software, is a system that can be customized. With our team of technical wizards, we can comprehend your requirements and create a design that is suitable for the integration of your processes so it will be a perfect fit for your institution.


Our seasoned team of professionals will provide comprehensive training sessions so all kinds of users can access the various modules of PTM360. We can even provide refresher courses as needed. With our demo sessions, we don't only help parents and institutions maneuver the app, we also want to show parents how to access information and what to do with the data they gather.


PTM360 is a school management application that is available and fully online. You don’t have to spend money on expensive hardware. The data can be accessed from various devices from anywhere in the world.


If you have a question or a problem, you will be greeted by prompt technical support. PTM360 will be your institution’s backbone. You can count on our dependable team of technical experts to quickly resolve any issues you encounter. Our goal is to address any concerns in a timely fashion while ensuring you get the best results and utmost accuracy. With our program, teachers and administrators can focus on the classrooms and the school while everything is easily compiled for you in an easy to access app.

Web and mobile application development

We give client support through web and application development that is efficient and profitable for your institution. By being focused on client thinking as far as the Internet is concerned, we create business driven apps that are innovative and crafted toward your business needs.

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