Track your Child’s School Activities Easily with PTM360

Mobile application

PTM360 is a school management software built to help parents to monitor their child’s progress in the School. It facilitates the collaboration between parents, teachers and management, helping parents to interact with the respective teachers for child’s betterment.  App can be downloaded from Google play & App store.

Exam Management 

Access exam & syllabus details right from smart phone. You can view timetable, model papers and get automated SMS for exam and subject-wise marks.

Tracking Child’s Attendance Automatically 

Parents can get detailed analytics to track their child’s attendance. All the leave applications can be sent directly to the class teacher.   


Comprehensive Assessment

Parents can evaluate child’s performance and can view report cards right from smart phone. Detailed performance metrics helps you to figure out your child’s weaknesses.

Managing Homeworks Easily 

Parents can access the list of Homeworks and help child in submitting assignments. You can also get automated SMS for day-to-day homework activities.

Effective Feedback Tracking Mechanism

Parents can continuously track their child’s performance and know their school activities. Parents can share their feedback to the teachers and the effective feedback tool can help you know the status of your feedback.


Real-time Bus Tracking 

PTM360 gives you an opportunity to track child’s whereabouts in real-time. You will be getting automated reminders and real-time notifications regarding the arrival and return times of school bus.

Effective Parent-Teacher Communication 

PTM360 builds an easy interface for parents to interact with teachers. You can communicate directly with class teachers to know your child’s performance and update them about your child’s progress or concerns.

Reminders & Notifications    

Reminders for exams, events, special occasions or holidays will be sent to parents to help them plan their activities without disturbing regular schedule.


Be it an event, extra-curricular activities, school news or any other important announcements, schools can automatically notify the parents. Schools can share complete event details along with photos to parents.

School Nutrition 

In-house doctors and nutritionists share healthcare tips, nutritional values to parents to keep their child fit and healthy. Top healthcare professionals share health related articles to promote awareness among students, parents and teachers.


It is a web-portal where parents, teachers and management can log into their respective modules and can access information. You can get detailed information supported with reports with accurate statistics.


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