How can I track my child’s performance?

By installing PTM360, you can access detailed analytics both for exam and subject wise. So, you can know where your child is lagging behind and identify the key areas where your child has to focus on.

Can I communicate directly with teacher?

Yes, similar to whatsapp application we have an exclusive communication interface where you can directly communicate with the teacher. But the information shared can be kept confidential and secure.

Can I know about my child’s whereabouts?

The parents can know about the whereabouts of the child easily from the smart phone. PTM360 Mobile app provides the ETA notification to keep parents informed while their child is on the go.

How do I get to know about my child?

Be it your child’s attendance, homework, timetable, Exam performance, Bus tracking, Report cards, Gallery, etc. you can know everything about your child in a single click right from your smart phone.

Can we access PTM360 remotely?

PTM360 mobile app can be accessed remotely; once the data in loaded into the mobile parents need not require internet to access the data.

Can I pay school fees via PTM360?

If the Institution opt for online fee payment, then parents can pay their child school fees online through the PTM360 application.

Can I get detailed reports about my child’s activities?

Yes, right from attendance to performance, reports to extra-curricular activities, Parents can get detailed information on child’s activities in the school. You can also view the areas of improvements of the child through the complete assessment module. This would help parents in guiding their children to overcome the areas which child is lagging behind.

What benefits does PTM360 offer?

The following are the key benefits that PTM360 offers to parents:

  • Tracking Child’s Attendance Automatically
  • Comprehensive Assessment
  • Real-time Bus Tracking
  • Managing Homeworks Easily
  • Exam Management
  • Effective Parent-Teacher Communication