Simplify & Automate Your School Operations Effectively 

School Digitization

PTM360 helps school management solution’s to systemize, centralize and manage multiple facets of the school. Digitization of school documents has become easy and you can automate & track your school activities right from smart phone.

Multi-Branch Accessibility

School management system can gain access to multi-branches of educational institution. So, it is easy for you to know the news and happenings of various branches. You can get detailed reports of that particular branch right to your smart phone.

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Mobile Application

PTM360, a school management application, was built to help you to track all your School related activities like Administration and Accounting from your smart phone. This mobile app can be downloaded from Google play and App store.


This help schools to record inquiries generated prior to the admission. You can get rid of manual Pre-admission entry and everything can be tracked with 100% accuracy.  All the details of the parents & students can be recorded, which helps management to follow-up with the parents for admission process. Institution Bulletins and automated SMS can be sent to the parents through a single click.

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Transportation Management

The ETA system helps schools manage transportation easily. Notifications and reminders would be sent to the parents to track the details of their child even on the go.

Comprehensive Fee Management

With PTM360, you can customize your fee structure, track & update individual student fee details. And, automated SMS alerts with due fee details can be sent to the parents. School fee management system can easily monitor petty cash management through their smart phone.

Payroll Management

The payroll management system deal with the financial aspects of the school. All the activities in regards to Payroll/advances/relieving/offer letter, etc. can be managed easily. It’s easy to implement interface can help schools manage things hassle-free.

Attendance Management

PTM360 helps schools to manage student/staff attendance. You can get detailed school attendance management report for both teachers and students. It is easy to access student/staff leave details and approvals can be given right from your smart phone.

Individual Student Assessment

With PTM360, you can get detailed analytical reports, which helps management informed about student’s performance. These reports help management identify the key areas where students need to be focused more.

Evaluating Teacher’s Performance

PTM36o generates performance reports based on exam and subject. Management can assess the performance of teacher in their respective subject. This helps schools to make better decisions while planning academics.

Hostel Management

Starting from facilities to management, get to know everything about your school hostel with just a click away. This eliminates the need of visiting hostel in person, thus helping you save time.

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Automated SMS

Schools will be able to send around 20 automated SMS to parents and teachers. Language specific SMS alerts & notifications would be sent right to their smart phone. Parents/teachers would receive SMS for special occasions & events. Management can to send unlimited SMS to the School.

Automated Birthday Greetings

All the details of every student/teacher will be recorded in the database. Automated birthday greetings can be sent to the students/teachers on behalf of Management. Sending wishes would fill in joy and happiness in students/teachers.


Subject-wise Progress Report

Management can get the detailed analytic school report cards of each subject for individual student. This way you can track the subject-wise performance of each class/teacher/student in the school. The reports will help schools identify the key areas where students/teachers are lagging behind.

Effective 360 -Degree communication

PTM360 enhances the collaboration between parents, teacher and students. There is a separate mailbox for communication, where you can reply to the queries posted by both parents and teachers.


You can monitor and respond to any kind of activities from the School through desktop. You can get detailed information supported with detailed reports with accurate statistics.

Complete Customization

Every school has certain requirements and specifications. Starting from school report cards to monitoring, PTM360 allow schools to customize everything with ease.


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