What is PTM360?

PTM360 is India’s first mobile/Desktop application built to facilitate communication between parents, teachers and management regarding student’s performance. Using this application, any teacher or parent can access child information and track their activities right from smart phone.

Why Management should opt for PTM360?

By installing PTM360 mobile or desktop application, management can take advantage of paperless administration and cut down paper cost by 80%. Since every operation is completely automated, you can save lot of money by reducing the manpower.

Can we access PTM360 from desktop?

Yes, since it is a desktop application, you can access PTM360 from desktop also. You will be given a separate web page, where you can log in with the credentials and access the application with ease.

How PTM360 support my school?

PTM360 application helps to automate school operations and makes it easy to execute and carry out their entire school activities effectively. By integrating with this mobile application, data stored will be highly protected and can be retrieved under any circumstances. By installing this application, you can save lot of time and money that needs to be invested in manual intervention.

Who can access PTM360?

PTM360 application can be accessible by all stakeholders of the school. Individual login credentials will be given to management, principle, accountant, computer admin, teacher, parent, front desk, etc. Each role should handle different operations. So, with PTM360 every operation will be automated and you can customize the tasks as per your requirements.

Can we get a demo before purchasing the software?

Yes, we are offering 30-day free trial to help you better understand the application. We wanted schools to understand how it works, features and benefits.  The idea behind this free trial version is to make use schools use it, feel it and then adopt it.

Does PTM360 support device compatibility?

PTM360 mobile application can be accessed across multiple platforms. The product was built to support both mobile and desktop applications. For desktop, the application will run across different browsers and operating system. And, mobile app is accessible in all android and IOS devices.

Which education boards are supported?

The application supports all education boards including IB Schools/CBSE Schools/ICSE Schools/ State Board Schools.

Can we get detailed analytical reports department wise?

Yes, schools can get customized reports department wise with PTM360.
For accounts module, various reports can be generated such as Detailed Fee Payments/Expense Reports/Fee Due reports/Transport Fee Reports/Hostel Fee Reports, etc.

Individual student performance report

Schools can generate Individual student performance reports for each subject and exam.

Institution Subject Report

Schools can track the subject progress by evaluating the analytics. This assessment can help teachers, principal and management to evaluate the progress of each subject and identify the areas where they need to focus more to improvise.

Evaluating teacher’s performance

Schools can track the performance of the teacher through detailed analytic reports which can give a deep insight on the student’s performance on that particular subject.

Does PTM360 support multi-languages?

Yes, PTM360 can support multiple languages. It can send SMS in various languages to the parents based on the institutional needs.

Can we access application offline?

No, PTM360 is an online application. However, schools can upload large set of data in a single shot.

How can I integrate data with PTM360?

PTM360 has separate pages for each stakeholder to provide or access the information. Each respective stakeholder can upload the data to the PTM360 application.

Do you offer trail version?

Yes, we are offering 30-day free trial to understand the application. We wanted Schools to first use it, feel it and then adopt it.

How many classes and sections can be managed?

There is no limitation for the number of classes and sections. So, any number of classes and sections can be managed easily with PTM360.

How can we get started?

Schools can use this application in two simple steps:

  • Get registered
  • Upload data in simple templates shared by team

Turnaround time for system set up is 2 hours.
Then, parents and teachers can start subscribing this application for free with registered number
Once your mobile number is authenticated, all the relevant data can be loaded in your mobile and you can start using this app for free.

Do you provide support services?

Yes, we provide round the clock support through email/Phone/in-person. We provide extensive training to the institutions in regards to app usage. We will also make sure that they are completely trained to use this application hassle-free.

How secure is the data with PTM360?

The application is hosted in High secured Cloud Servers
Data stored is secured with the three layered architecture, which include:

  • Database level password, which is owned and controlled by institutions
  • Every user will be given unique user ID’s
  • Registration process for the mobile app is secured, a unique PIN authentication is sent to the registered mobile number
  • Institutions can directly take the back up of the data in an excel sheet on regular basis

Can we customize the application as per our requirements?

Yes, whatever might be your requirements you can customize the application according to your institution needs.

Is there any option to select the required modules?

Yes, you can go for specific modules based on your requirement. Our application is built on customer-centric approach, where you a feasibility of choosing desired modules.

What other services will you provide?

We help schools in complete digitalization process starting from website designing, transfer certificate, maintaining question bank, generating exam question papers, pre-admission module, payroll module, inventory management, etc.

How many student details can be recorded?

There is no specific limit on the number of students based on the model opted by the Institution the data pack is limited. If the institution opts for Unlimited SMS package, we provide the required bandwidth and data space sufficient for a year.

Can we automate all the procedures with PTM360?

Right from academic planning and execution, administration and accounting process, we automate all the processes associated with the Institution Management.

How much data can be stored and is there any back up option?

Users have an option to download the data in the excel sheet whenever required. Institutions can also opt for weekly back up of the data from the tapes.

How PTM360 ensures confidentiality to the data?

While registering with us, we sign the Non-confidentiality agreement with the Institution and a three-layered security protocol is used to ensure data security.

How PTM360 is useful to parents, teachers and management?

Management: You can automate day-to-day school operations quickly and easily. It is easy to manage both administration and accounting sections with ease.

Teachers: Teachers can manage everything regarding student right from smart phone. Starting from the attendance, homework, timetable, exam and report cards, you can get the required information in a single click away.

Parents: Parents can track their child’s behavior right from their smart phone. By installing PTM360, you can:

  • Track child’s attendance
  • Evaluate your child’s performance both exam and subject wise
  • Track your child whereabouts
  • Know child’s progress on Homeworks and assignments
  • Know the exam schedule
  • Get reminders and notifications about special events

Can PTM360 help in fee management?

All kind of accounting activities like defining fee structure, customizing fee receipts, generating fee due reports, income and expense reports, etc. can be managed by PTM360.

Can we get the complete fee details of individual student/classroom?

PTM360 provides the feasibility for the Institution to view and manage the Fee and Fee Due details for both individual and class room. And, schools can also send confirmation SMS after fee payment and automated reminders to the parents regarding the due fee payments.

Does PTM360 helps in petty cash management?

PTM360 can also assist schools in effectively managing all activities related to Petty cash system.

How can we track expenses incurred with PTM360?

PTM360 can provide detailed reports for the expenses incurred in an Institution.  Schools can evaluate these reports and make decisions to curb the unwanted expenses.

What additional benefits you offer to us?

Automated SMS alerts for Fee Dues, Fee payments. Reports for monthly Fee collection, Expense report, etc. The best of PTM360 is the application can be customized as per the requirements of the institutions.