Mobile Application

Since the smart phone era is growing at a tremendous pace, people are more likely to use mobile applications than ever before. In order to address this need, PTM360, a mobile application, was built to help parents, teachers and management collaborate with each other to ensure student success.

Smart Attendance

With PTM360, recording attendance is a cake-walk for management. Smart attendance management system ensures paperless administration and gives complete details of the number of days a student/staff attended the school. Also, one can apply for leave and get the required details of the leave with ease.


Exam & Time Table Management

Exam details along with syllabus can be obtained through PTM360.  One can get complete information about the schedules and timetables of the class. Day-to-day schedule along with subject-wise can be known. This helps in prioritizing other activities and planning the study hours for students.


Teachers can assign/update homework details right from their smartphone. Both Subject & class wise Homeworks along with complete details can be updated. Teachers can assign work to only particular student or to a group of students.



Real-time Bus Tracking

Track your child’s school bus on the go. Get automated SMS alerts for arrival, departure and estimated time of return.

Cloud-based Application

PTM360 provides high-end security for the stored data. Schools need not maintain own servers, the application can run under low maintenance costs.

Automated SMS System

Schools will be provided with unlimited SMS access. The application supports multiple languages, hence language specific messages can be sent. Notably, 17 types of automated SMS can be sent through this application.

360-degree Communication 

Enhancing the collaboration between parents, teacher and students is the primary objective of PTM360. A separate mailbox for communication will be given and each individual will be provided with login details to access the information.

Knowledge hub

It is a unique feature of PTM360 where one can find heath tips and nutritional recommendations from experts. You can also find personality development programs, which can help you overcome your weaknesses.

Customized report cards

Schools can automatically generate CCE-based report cards with PTM360. Teachers are required to enter only the marks of the students and the rest evaluation will be taken by the application.

Effective Academic Planning 

PTM360 help schools to make data-driven decisions, which can help teachers in identifying students who are not performing well in their respective subjects. Detailed reports help teachers to plan remedial classes for weak students, thus paving path for academic success.


Performance assessment

PTM360 provides schools detailed analytical reports, which help teachers make data-driven decisions regarding student’s performance. These reports help teachers identify the key areas where students need to be improved.


Managing accounts effectively is a major challenge for most schools. PTM360 help schools to simplify the operations and manage the accounts with ease.


Parents, teachers and management can log into their respective modules and can access information. You can access detailed information supported with reports with accurate statistics.

Complete Customization

Every school has certain requirements and specifications. Starting from reports to monitoring, PTM360 allow schools to customize everything with ease.


Hostel Management

Starting from facilities to management, get to know everything about your school hostel with just a click away. This eliminates the need of visiting hostel in person, thus helping you save time.

Holiday list

Here, parents can view the complete list of holidays for the academic year. This helps students plan their study hours and other school activities accordingly.


Whether it is an event, extra-curricular activities, school news or any other important announcements, schools can automatically notify the children and parents with the help of gallery. Schools can share complete details along with photos with parents right from smart phone.

Comprehensive support

Be it a query about application or problem regarding the function whatever it may be, our team of technical experts are here to address your queries and resolve your problems in no time.

Application is free of cost, we only charge on SMS and data usage. 

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